Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thank you Notes and Introduction to our new Splash Screen :3

Hi Guys!
Thanks for all the download, views, rating, comments, and moral support until now :)
We will introduce our new splash screen and disclaimer :)

This splash screen pict will be available in all our new 'anime-based' apps (for 4 second, and has Kud's cute 'engrish' voice) and it'll make any good and kind guy/girl easier to help and donate us for what we do because it has paypal donation button there, that when it clicked, it'll open paypal website for you :)
 *FYI, you can donate too via this website. The cute little button is on the right corner*

Of course you are considered kind and good guy/girl and help to support us too if you're giving good rating, download, use our apps, click the ads/instal the recommendation aps from ads, and make recommendation to your friend or social media. Please think that as a 'free-way' to help us, because that's really help too! :)

Thanks for all your support until today, we will give our best to serve all of you :)
Let's make our world Enjoyable, starting with our beloved ANDROID PHONE!

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