Friday, May 3, 2013

Fans Apps : Doraemon The World Song Gallery

Everyone loves doraemon, including me, my family, and YOU :)
but how much our knowledge about Doraemon in ANOTHER COUNTRY beside ours? ;)
Do you know Doraemon Theme song from Japan? Indonesia? China? Thailand? Spain? English? Hindi? Mandarin? Vietnam?
Do you know how many Fans with their own Instrumental that played Doraemon Theme? Guitar? Piano? Rock? Ocarina? Violin? Flute?

What is 'Take-copter' in another language?? It's funny to see the difference ;)

Now you can see this EASYLY by using this SUPER DORAEMON FANS APP!!
This apps not only contain music, you know?

Features :
- Doraemon Ending & Opening Theme from Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Spain, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnam. No need to connect the internet to listen. This version only have 4 Country, the rest will be available in next update :)
- Instrumental Doraemon Song. Guitar, Piano, Rock, Ocarina, Violin, Flute. Flute Will be available in next update :)
- Integration to Doraemon WIki and Trivia. This connect to internet.
- Integration to Official Doraemon Facebook Character. This connect to internet. Login with your default browser first before use this feature.
- Doraemon Twitter for Indonesian, Tv asashi and Dora-World for Japan. See around the world doraemon official sites (still need your contribution).
- Let's Draw doraemon, featuring video drawing doraemon, with cute song
- Art Gallery will be available next update
- Special & Behind the scene page, contain 'Take Copter' voice from many language, plus 'something' ;>

A MUST HAVE application if i would say ;P

We need your participation to complete many missing part in this apps, especially the link to another country. If you have suggestion or want to help, you can email the developer =

This apps contain ads, think of that as "Free-Way" to help support, or appreciate the developer behind the scene :)
The ads will contain Icon and push notification. I believe you won't mind that if you are TRUE FANS of doraemon, and have kind heart to developer :)

Read this words of wisdom :

"When you make someone happy, you make yourself a little happier too. If you’re happy, I’m happy. If I’m happy, you’re happy. And that repeats over and over, making a happiness spiral!” – Kamikita Komari.

I enjoy making the apps for you, you enjoy using the apps and give appreciation (+ads click) to me. I make you happy, you make me happy. That happiness spirall will continue forever! :)

And the important thing is,
Let's make our world Enjoyable, starting with our beloved ANDROID PHONE!

Disclaimer, please Read :

**** We don't, in any way, shape or form, claim any ownership to the characters, images, or anything else related on the content of our app. We only work crazily hard in building and programming for this to serve the fanbase of the series. Please regard this app as a fan app, we are loyal fans. All stuff here are from youtube and internet, they are from FANS. This app made by fans for fans.****

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