Monday, May 6, 2013

Live Wallpaper : Crayon Shinchan Tease

Shinchaaaannn, that chibi but have dirty mind guy, lol
but yeaah, shin chan is funny and always make us laugh :D
i think shinchan blood type is AB, because he can't be guessed XD

anyway, enjoy this is Funny and cute shinchan live wallpaper ~
17 shin chan expression is here ~
Mini SHin Chan will flying above (you can change it).
Tease him by press him and he will do stupid thing, it's really funny and fun to see the expression of mini shinchan's change :D

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Features :
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- direction available to choose
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Set Wallpaper Guide :
- @home, press menu key and select "wallpaper"-"live wallpaper" and choose the one you want to set.

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  1. Great wallpaper. i just share it on my profile. i appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing.

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